Apache Web Server Install

I have download Apache 1.3.9
I need instructions how to install and make it works.
Pd: Iám new in Linux´so be as clear as possible please...
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Please be more specific, what have you downloaded? The sources, the binary or the RPM?

Case 1:
If you have a RedHat and the apache
is RPM, then just:
rpm -ihv apache-1.3.9.i386.rpm (example, filename may vary)
Now you've installed the apachee, and it should already work.
the startup script is in:
the config files are in:

Case 2:
If you've downloaded the sources with tar.gz extension then:
gzip -d apache-1.3.9.tar.gz
tar xvf apache-1.3.9.tar
cd apache-1.3.9
now become root and:
make install

In this case all the files are in
/www (or in some other place like /usr/local/www if your provided a prefix).
You can run the httpd from the /www/bin directory and see it working.

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when apache is installed you must configure it because at this state it works only basicaly. all you need is to edit the files in the ..../conf directory - it is need to enable the cgi, ssi ... execution, to declare the root of your site , to improve the security, to declare witch modules you want to use ... ; this files are clearly documented ( only one file now in the last distributions ).
You have also an inline documentation.
An other way , simpler, is to use configuration tools like COMANCHE ( grafical ) ... that you can get at www.freshmeat.com or other site of this type
Don't forget to fire up the apache deamon by executing httpd - you can see if it runs by executing "ps x" .
I have downloaded the src.  Installing the RPM is no problem but I am trying to add a module and as it requires modification of the configuration file I had to go with the src route.  I follow the instructions but when i go to run the 'Configure' file in the /src dir it gives me the following error: [webadmin@liquidweb src]$ ./Configure
bash: ./Configure: Permission denied
I have tried everyhting (including running as root but get the same error.  It has to be somehting simple as I have followed instructions exactly yet still receive this.  TIA
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