Perm. add items to ComboBox.

Can this be done:

   I have a ComboBox in the IDE into which I've entered 5 items. Is there a way to add a new item to that ComboBox during run time so that its available as one of the pre-defined items the next time I start my application?

Cheers, Chris.
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Save the items list in the registry and
restore it next startup.
the rxlib (free)
has a component called formstorage
that let's you do that painless.

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Hi there,

You can add items to a combobox at runtime by using the Add-procedure
(ComboBox1.Items.Add('another line');)

You can use the procedures 'LoadFromFile' and 'SaveToFile' to load and save all the items of the combobox to a textfile.

Example :

Hope this will solve your problem
I have to admit that it's an elegant
solution that I did not thought of.

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she3i3iAuthor Commented:

   I couldn't agree more cause I finally used wimmeyvaert's method as it would keep the info even after say a format!

   Both answers are valid and work... so I'm going to issue 25 points to wimmeyvaert too!

Cheers, Chris.
we definitely need a way to share the
points between more then one expert.
Hi she3i3i & jeurk,

Thanx for splitting the points.
Not that I need the points that hard,
but it's always nice if your comment
is being appreciated.

Best regards,
The Mayor

she3i3iAuthor Commented:

.... I didn't split the points... I'm giving full points to both of you... but in order for me to you points, you need to post a comment on the post i made for you...

Thanks, Chris.
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