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Accessing argv outside of main in UNIX

With MSFT VC++ it is possible to obtain argv info trough a global variable defined in stdlib.g (__argv).

Is there a similar way to obtain argv info outside of main in UNIX/C ?

Thank you
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in unix scripts, you can reference $0 $1 $2 etc...

in C (in unix) you have to define main as:
void main(int argc; char **argv)
the compiler will do the rest and you can reference the string with argv[0], argv[1] etc...

to obtain these values outside of main, you must pass the strings as a parameter. to the function you're calling

jpintoAuthor Commented:
If your answer was a peremptory "NO" (explaining why) I would accept it.

Obviously I could pass the argv parameter trough the program structure, but this does not appears to be "clean" programming.Instead I would prefer to declare a global variable and use it when needed.

The question is :
Is that global variable already defined in some include file ?

Is there a system call that enables the capture of this information (processual info) ?

Thanks anyway.
There is no global variable that is already used. that's a ms convention. If you declare you're own global variable then you can be confident that you're not duplicating anyone elses info.

I thought about maybe using getenv() in order to get info on the process but that doesn't work.

Looks like you will need a global variable in some header, and then include it in all the files you need it

jpintoAuthor Commented:
I accept that ! Although I am sorry !!!
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