config tape backup on sco 5.0.4

How do you setup the tape backup manager to do a unattended backup.  I can get it to do a on demand backup but it does not back up with a schedule. The media size on the setting goes automaticly to zero and it says it cant open the tape unit or something like that. I can go in and manulaly get it to do a tape backup if I put in the media capacity in the settings but the setting will not stay in system.  I need to find a way to set it up and for the system to keep the settings.
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SCO has a patch for this problem. I have it but have not yet tested it. If you want it I can email it to you or you can call SCO and get it. There is no charge for it (or at least I didn't pay anything for it). It fixes a number of problems with the backup scheduler.

Go to

The technical article is: 109576

Another way is to write a script and place it in cron. This is what I did. There is a TA on the SCO web site that explains this in more detail. TA: 105896

Again if you need the patch I can email it to you.


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RubenIIAuthor Commented:
Please E-mail me the patch at  Thank you if this works it will help me out.
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