HP Scanjet 6350C hardware

I keep getting "sorry scanner could not be initialized (scanner not found)"  I am a new user, when I loaded the software it did not say that I had any new hardware. Please help!!!!!!
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swestonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First are you using the scanner with USB? or SCSI?  

For USB:  Check to make sure you have your USB enabled in the Bios.  You need to be running Windows 95 R2 at least, but in any case Windows 98 is reccommended for USB applications.

If the USB port is set-up correctly. (Check under Device Manager.  You should have two devices under USB port.)
Then make sure you have installed the scanner correctly.  The order of hooking up the scanner & installing the software is critical in getting it to work.  
Jennifer113099Author Commented:
Thank you for your help. Could there be something wrong with the USB cable?
New user... I need to give a little more instructions.

To check out what version of Windows you are running:  
Open "my Computer"
Click on "Help"
Choose "About Windows"
It needs to say Windows 98 or Windows 95 R2

To see if your USB port is ready:
Right Click on "My Computer"
Choose "Properties"
Choose "DEvice Manager"
It is in alphabetical order.  You should have a line that reads: "USB Ports"
Click on the little "+" symbol in the box.
You should have two entries.  Neither entry should have a red x or yellow exclaimation point through it.  

If you do not have a USB line in your Device Manager, you need to restart your computer and enter the bios.  Usually you hit "Del" when it prompts you early in the boot, "Hit (Del) to enter setup."
Find the line "USB Ports" & make sure it is enabled.

Any questions or anything not clear, add a comment, and somebody will help you.  Make sure you do not change any thing else in the Bios.  If you are not sure that you may have accidently changed something, exit without saving, and return to set-up.

Make sure you tell us how it goes.
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Jennifer113099Author Commented:
thanks for the advice our problem is solved, there was a problem with the DSU port and in BIOS. Thank you so much!
Jennifer113099Author Commented:
Sorry not the DSU(I have modems on my mind) but the USB port. Sorry.

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Jennifer113099Author Commented:
Thanks Sweston!!!

You really helped alot!!
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