Magenta Monitor

Intermittantly my monitor turns magenta.  Sometimes it corects itself and sometimes it requires a reboot.  I have a CTX 15" monitor and Cirrusl VESA video card.

System is a   AMD 133 with 16M.

Any thoughts?

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The problem is exclusively your monitor. Periodically electrical connection is not being made to the yellow gun on your CRT so it is not able to add any green to the image. The lack of green results in an overall magenta look to the image. If your monitor is under warranty, have it serviced or replaced under the warranty. If not, then live with the problem, find a friend who fixes monitors (don't pay to get it fixed), fix it yourself (not likely to happen if you are asking here), or buy a new monitor. Somtimes I find I can "correct" problems like this for a while by giving the monitor a vigorous pat on the back.
There's a small probability the problem is in your display adapter, but if the pat on the back results in an change, however brief, then it is the monitor that is not up to snuff. Another thing to try before ditching the monitor is jiggling the cable from the monitor to the computer.
Agree with bparnes.  Usually it's just the connection of the cable to the video card, or the cable to the monitor (if your monitor has that - most are just permanently connected)

If it's permanently connected, try using a VGA 15-pin monitor extension cable.  
If it's double ended, try a new one.  

Usually pins or connectors are coated, worn down, loose or bent.
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Ooops, just noticed that I said "yellow gun" in my initial comment. That should have been "green gun". There is no yellow gun in a monitor, of course.
lwaldeckAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your help.  I tried a VGA extension cable and there has been no problem for several hours.  I'll keep watching  for the problem but wiggling the cable does not produce the problem.

Thank you all for your help.  I don't know how to allocate the pionts but since Siemieniuk suggested the extension I guess the points go there.
No problem...

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