Hard Disk Noises

My PC is just over a year old.  It has a Cyriz 333mhz processor and 128mb memory.
Recently when I power up the PC I can hear louder than usual whirring and rumbling noises and grinding sounds coming from inside the case.  This has been going on for just over a month, what can be the problem?
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As you indicate in your title, the hard disk is making noises. This is often an early sign of impending failure. I suggest you contact the manufacturer of your hard drive and ask them what you should do to exercise your warranty rights. They should be cooperative. If you don't have a backup of the important information on your drive you should start getting one now. You are fortunate in the sense that you are getting some early warnings. If you don't take advantage of the warnings you'll have no one else to blame. (I hope that got your attention.) By the way, the chances of those noises and grinding sounds going away are virtually nil.
Gotta agree with bparnes on this one. Backup your drive SOON, permanently delete anything that's on there that you don't want strangers looking at & send it back.
its quite a new computer, it might be a cable knocking to one of the fans in the machine...

would be a shame if it were the disk.

does it sound like

"blonk bl0nk. brrr. klonk ?"

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