eqvivalent for VB "Shell Function"

i'm VB.
i'm looking for MFC\VC++ eqvivalent for VB Shell Function.
this function activates any application from the current code.
examples :
Shell "path To App EXE",windowMode(Constants available)

or :

Shell "pathToDocFile_pathToWinword",WindowMode


knowing no eqvivalent in MFC\VC++, i've tried to include the
Proccess.H lib, and used :

that's works fine only when the path is in the same dir :


this one is not executing (the path is correct) :

system("I:\Program Files\Project1\Project1.exe");

this line raise 3 warnings :
warning C4129: 'P' : unrecognized character escape sequence

i suspect it's the Slash or space in folder name or long folder name.

another thing i've tried is a batch file. that's fine exept that it don't get a folder name like "Program Files"

anyway, i need an MFC\VC++ solution as simple as VB....

thank you.
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chensuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the Win32 functions - ShellExecute or ShellExecuteEx.
By the way, the warning error is due to the escape character '\'. It should read

system("I:\\Program Files\\Project1\\Project1.exe");

::ShellExecute(hWnd, NULL, _T("c:\\dirname\\abc.exe"), NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWNORMAL);
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Sub_MainAuthor Commented:
does compiling it with MFC lib linked  - will make the EXE run on any machine without instllation ?

i mean, in VB - if you just create an empty project - you have to install all VB runtime DLLs on the target machine.
i want to use MFC in order to distribute only the EXE by copying it.
will it work under any 95\98\NT clean fresh machine ?
ShellExecute is a Win32 API function, meaning that it is available on any Windows 95, 98 and NT. Actually, even Windows 3.1 supports it.
Sub_MainAuthor Commented:
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