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Is there such a thing as too may frames?

I created a site that is layed out perfectly, but it does utilize a frameset with 12 indepenent frames.  Is there a down side to this (as long as the users browser can handle frames) such a load time or incompatabilities among browsers?
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One down side I have experienced are the search engines. Some don't like frames and other create links to individual frames. I have forced one of my sites to load the index.htm as soon as somebody visits the menu or logo frames.
Put this script in the <BODY> tag of your site to stop this problem:
<BODY ONLOAD="if (self != top) top.location = self.location">

The loading is ok as long as you restrict the number of images etc. to each frame. Also I would not worry about frame compatibilty. These days most surfers use IE4+ and NS3+ anyway. Just in case don't forget the <noframes> and the old browsers ar happy too. Edi
I use the following script in the individual frames...

<!--Hide script from old browsers
 if (top.location == self.location){
                 top.location.href = "index.htm"
// End hiding script from old browser-->


I would suspect there is a performance hit, since each of the frames will load a separate document, necessitating an independent call to the server.  That means that 2 visitors will generate at least 24 round trips to the server (not counting the content on the pages).  Don't know how significant this will be, but I would be very wary.

I don't see any problem with incompatibilities, but I am not all that experienced with stress testing sites/framesets.

My question would be why you need twelve frames to get the layout right.  A lot of them can't really have much content, and every additional frame eats up some of the space available for content.  Remember, it's content that will ultimately determine how useful your site is.

Just my $.02.

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Sorry but the script in my 1st comment is really for somthing else... for the following: Are framed sites linking to your site? It can make you mad seeing your site as a part of someone elses site. Well, put this script in the <BODY> tag of your site to stop this problem:
<BODY ONLOAD="if (self != top) top.location = self.location">
Its quite usefull too when you work with frames... Edi
Can we see it?
Bob StoneIT GuruCommented:
 Some IIS servers load multiframe pages one frame at a time making total download slow. Even if the server your page is on does it simultaneously, others that it has to pass through on the way may slow it down, 2 -3 frames don't make a lot of difference but 12 would. Netscape doesn't handle some frame configs well and wont do I frames at all.
bmcclearyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info.  You can see what I'm talking about at the following address:

I wanted the page centered in the browser, so that took a minimum of 5 frames.  Then I'm going to be using an ASP to fill in info on the left and right pages and I didn't want the ASP code filled up with alot of HTML, hence the othe seven frames.  I also wanted to be able to scroll without loosing the look.  The page looks great in IE but it's cracked in Netscape.  Any options on fixing this?

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