Hardware Setup

I am putting a system together that consists of the following components and
I would be grateful for input on how it should be set up.

Epox m/b that has a primary ide and a sceondry ide as well as a fdd
LS-120 floppy
1.44 floppy

I think this is all you will need to know (but if you want more just ask)
What I realy want to know is in what order do these items get connected to
the m/b and what is set as master or slave?

The way i want my system setup is LS-120 to be the A drive and 1.44 floppy
to be B drive, hard drive as C&D, and the CD to be E drive, hope someone can
help me.   Thank you
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set the IBM 8,4 GB disk as master on the primary controller.

Set the LX X32 CDROM as Master on the Secondary controller.

Put the LS-120 at the end of the FDD cable. and as drive 1.
put the 1,44 MB in the middle of the FDD cable as Drive 2.
996_LoverAuthor Commented:
It's not that i'm not happy with this answer it's just that I would like little bit more feed back from other people to see if there answers are the same, Kimda thanks for taking the time to answer this question
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It's the common and logical way to do it.
Well since hard disk will be uses the most and you want to boot from it you need to put it as master on primary controler and cd-rom and ls-120 drive on on secondary controler cd-rom drive can be set as master and ls-120 as slave. If you ever get cd-rw it will need to be installed as secondary master

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996_LoverAuthor Commented:
Just wanted to say thanks to everybody who took the time to respond to my message, Thanks guys
The CD-RW will not have to be Secondary master.. just for info !
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