LaserWriter & OS8

I am at a loss here.  The laserwriter was working fine with system 7.5.+  I Upgraded the 9500/180 to OS8 and I can not get the printer to work at all.  The system is all by it's self.  ie no network or anything.  The 1st time trying to print it gives a message Not enough Memory.  There is 48 megs.  Then If you try again it just sits there.  Spools and like I said just sits there.
In the chooser there IS the icon laserwirter 300.  Appletalk off.
Like I said.  I am at a loss.  I heard somewhere that the 300 wouldnt work with os8? Any help would be Grateful.
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the LaserWriter 8 Drivers which you can find at
donscompAuthor Commented:
Sorry.  It is a performa 6400.  It is my Moms.  Thats why I came to the experts.  : )
A few things to try:

1) sometimes the laserwriter 300 wants more virtual memory so boost it up a little - the setting is in your control panel under memory

2) Sometimes the 300 plays games and wants you to turn appletalk on - leave the printer options section for a sec then come back in and turn appletalk off -

3) try to remove the printer drivers completely and re-install them

Hope this helps for now


donscompAuthor Commented:
I WILL gives that a shot.  Thanks
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