Setting up X...

   I just got slackware installed. I need the X to work. But for some reason, everytime i say X. It either tells me, "cannot open display" or "couldn't find config file *.cfg" from different directory locations.

I have st my display to "hostname:0.0" or "ip address:0.0" where ip address is my local loopback address. I thinking i am settingit up wrong. help needed.

Also what's the deal about the cfg files. How do i get them. do i have to run any setup utils??


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1. X is wrong, you use 'startx'
2. You need to set it up first
(XF86Setup, XF86Configure or something like that)
3. You do NOT set a display IP unless you are accessing it remotely.
pavkbAuthor Commented:
Hi J2,

    Thanks for the info, i tried all u said above. I have setup X by running XF86Setup. It creats to X which can be used to start the x windows. Also now i am getting this error
(--) SVGA: There is no mode definition named "640x480"

Fatal server error:
No valid modes found.

When reporting a problem related to a server crash, please send
the full server output, not just the last messages
please let me know what do u think.

e-mail me at


pavkbAuthor Commented:
I tried other display modes. It says unable to connect , errorno = 1111
then either you didnt set it up right. and you STILL use 'startx' and NOT 'X' to start it, they are two very different things.

And it looks like you didnt chose any valid displaymodes in the setup.

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pavkbAuthor Commented:
I did choose 640*480 mode. Yet i doen't work. I will try startx next.

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