RedHat 6.1 Atapi Creative CDRW 4224 setup?!

i have a small problem reading audio cdr's i have burned in windows.  how do i fix?

1.  my cdrw to interface as scsi was easy in rh6.1.  added `append="hdc=ide-scsi"` in lilo.conf and `alias scd0 sr_mod`
`alias scsi_hostadapter ide-scsi` in my conf.modules.

2.  i can burn data cdrs and read from them.

3.  before i set it up as an ide-scsi, i could put an audio cd in and it would play it automatically.  now it doesn't.

4.  some audio cds play and some do not.  please advise.  do i just have to add an option in my conf.modules or i am i just at a loss?!

thanks in advance
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foxrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You do not state this in your question but of the audio CD's that DO play are these also ones that you have burned yourself?  If so, it is unlikely that only some CD's that you make play and some don't, unless the Windows driver is more robust in detecting errors or variations in the media.  We have a CD rom that was intermittent under windows 95 reading data disks that we burned....somtimes it would...sometimes it wouldn't.  We moved to NT, and the drive never misses a beat.  That some audio CD's do play are there differences in the way you burned them.  Some software provides the ability to leave the CD open so that additional material can be appended to an existing CD...Some drivers cannot work with a CD in this state and must have a CD that has be closed.  Hope this helps, but I think your problem is in the CD burning process not in the hardware or your Linux configuration.
aa0naAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 200
aa0naAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 400
aa0naAuthor Commented:
The audio CD's that play are the "real" ones.  The copied ones do not play correctly under ide-scsi.  They play correctly under ide-cd.

I have two burned audio cd's.  One's a copy from a friend (650) and the other is a compilation of my own on (700).  I am unable to copy the track off using cdda2wav.

My configuration is redhat 6.1 on a p2
hda is 6G linux ext2
hdb is 20G linux ext2
hdc is creative cdrw 4224
hdd is iomega 250 zip emulated as floppy

sometimes my zip is a hdd and sometimes it is a sda.  any idea on why this is and or how to fix it.  someone said to append to lilo.conf append=3D"3Dhdc=ide-scsi"

please advise or provide help, will accept point-to-point e-mail at

thank you
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