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My wife wants to print on both sides of the paper in Outlook when she prints out her appoinments.  I talked her into using Outlook instead of the DayTimer software she used to use.  Now she is giving me grief because her appointment book is twice as thick as when she printed using Daytimer since she cannot figure out how to print on both sides of the paper in Outlook.  I tried to suggest that she feed the paper one page at a time in the printer and then figure out which page needed to go on the back of which page -- but she didn't go for that.  The DayTimer software would print everyother page and then tell her to turn the paper over and refeed the pages through the printer to print on the back of them.  Any ideas?????
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celticsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am not sure what version of Outlook you have but Outlook 98 allows the you to print odd/even/all pages.  
When I select Print, one of the options on the right hand side of the screen under the 'Copies' section is 'Number of Pages'.  Here you can select the odd pages first then print, and then select the even page and select print.
Yes, Duplex printer.
stilwellAuthor Commented:
Thanks a million.  You have save me!
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