Can I run Word 97 on a networked Linux server, and have Win95/98 clients communicate with the linux server??

Hi, we have a small network at my job.
We have 16 computers most are Win95, 4 are Win98, and the Server is WinNT Terminal Server Edition ((Beta Version))
Yes this Beta Version of Terminal Server has been running fine for 6 months. That server has given ALL 16 clients Internet Access, and not one of those clients has a modem.... it's all done through the Terminal Server. And all 16 clients are running Office 97, and not one copy of Office 97 has been installed on any Win95/98 client... again... it's all done through the Terminal Server. OK, I'll stop praising the NT Terminal Server!!!

The Questions are:::
   Does Linux have this kind of power??
I triple-booted the server Win98/NT Terminal Server/Linux 5.2... but I know next to nothing about Linux. ((I installed it using Linux for Dummies!!))
Will Linux run Office 97???

Can Linux allow a client to use Word 97,
even though Word 97 is not even installed on the client???

I don't even know how to read a floppy disk in Linux!! Is there a floppy icon somewhere, or what??

I've heard about the rise of Linux, mostly because it's FREE!! But putting the money part aside... is Linux a superior operating system, if YES,then WHY????
Thanks much.... C-Ya!!
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No, Linux will not run Office97 (unless under WMWARE which will use about half a gig of RAM, and turn the system into a windows PC. Staroffice has some of the features of W97, but nowhere near all of them.

No, there isnt (as of yet) a TSE client for linux.

You first mount the floppy, then you can access it.

Linux is a great OS, for servers, it is nowhere enar ready for "desktopo use on the mass market yet" :(

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p_yennieAuthor Commented:
Thanks, thats helpful

Why is Linux great for servers?
What kind of a server??
An E-mail server...
A SQL database server...
A "Wingate Style" Proxy server...
All of the above???
Does it run superior over WinNT??

Thanks again.
All of the above.

Yes, it is superior to NT in most respects (as long as we are talking servers here). But it doesnt integrate very well (or rather at all) if you need TSE services.

But on the other hand, if you need "groupware" like Exchange with scheduler etc etc, there isnt any comparable product for linux, but once again, for "core" server use, it is a great platform.
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