Global change to PAB addresses?

I am converting my office from cc:Mail to Exchange.  Users are still using Outlook 98 to access their e-mail.  The problem is that all the entries in their PAB files are set up as type CCMAIL.  How can I convert all addresses within a PAB file to be of type SMTP and to drop the ' at INTERNET' part of the address?  Ultimately we need to remove our current cc:Mail connector, keeping it is not an option.

Grateful for any help.
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ChrixAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Do you have Word 97? If so, then you extract the PAB data with a mail merge, massage it, then import to a new, empty PAB with the tool at

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ChrixAuthor Commented:
Thanks SMosher.  The macro (in the template your link pointed to) can itself be massaged to provide the desired effect.  A tad more long-winded than I had hoped, but it will do the job.  150 well-earned points on their way...
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