Frontpage 98 and 2000 on a same machine


I have front page 98 installed on my machine and I heard that Fp2000 is way too better then 98 so I want to install it but want to keep 98 as well. So do you know the way how to keep both versions on a same machine ?

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DiscoWookieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
FP2000 has quite a few more bells and whistles, and is worth the price in my opinion.  Like Tom said, if you can swing it, the full Office package is probably the best way to go.  Just make sure you don't get the FP upgrade.  

I would recommend installing FP2000 to a separate partition if possible, especially if you're using NT.  Some of the releases will give you the option to keep FP98, but I've run into several that won't.  If this is the case, you might have to install FP2000 first, then FP98 again to a different drive.  Sounds strange, but has resulted in less bugs for me.

The are several other aspects with the FP extensions to watch out for if you're publishing your pages to IIS 3 & 4 servers.  Hope this helps.
FP2000 is (can be) installed with Office 2000.  If you go that route, it is installed in a completely different directory.  I have both on my machine with no problems.  I suspect installing it separately to a different directory will work fine.  Just be careful not to choose "upgrade", if that is an option on the install screen.

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