How to publish an ActiveX-dll DHTML-project ?

I have compiled an DHTML Application-
project as an ActiveX-dll which is to be used in a HTML-document. How do I publish the Dll-file to make clients access/run the file? The dll-file works when I run the project on my local computer, but when I access the html-file from an other computer on the local network the dll-file won't execute.
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SicilianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
  This is because the DLL is registered within the registry of the local computer and not on any other computer. You have to be able to register the DLL on the other computers.
  I've been managing my objects with MTS. MTS creates an executable that will register the DLL in the registry of the computer, which runs it. Just put the executable(if you have MTS) somewhere on the network drive where everyone can access it. Alternatively, you can register the component with the RegSvr32 utility. In the command line type,"Regsvr32 YourDLL.dll"

Hope this helps

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