Hey any docs or idea about implementing COM interfaces in VB
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I recommend reading "VB COM" by Thomas Lewis from Wrox Press.  He gives an excellent description of COM, the articecture of COM and how to implement COM interfaces in Visual Basic. He also explains ActiveX, DCOM, MTS, as well as COM+. This book will help you write better Visual Basic programs.  I strongly recommend this book for all Visual Basic programmers.

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johny please get me any URLS

Creation of an interface in VB.

Ad a new class to your project. Give it a meaningful name like IMyClass.

If the class is created inside an ActiveX component then set the instancing property to: PublicNotCreateable.

Add your properties and methods to the class.

You can implement this interface in another class by using the Implements keyword like Implement IMyClass.
The compiler now checks for implementation of the specified interface in the current class.

Feel free to ask if you need more information about the above or how to use interface based programming.

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Another good book for VB programmers and COM is Developing COM/ActiveX Components with Visual Basic 6 by Dan Appleman.
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