Connection identification

I want to make a script with authorization. How can I recognize a user after login? For example: when I open EE page, I get a login dialog, but after login I can browse EE, and no information about my login/password is passed to next pages? How is it done?
How can I do that with CGI EXPERT?


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jhurstConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ee uses cookies for those who use cookies but uses Basic-Authentication - this is where you see that pop-up that asks for name and password.  A server that requires a browser to authenticate sends a 401 response that causes the pop up - then the browser sends the user name and password and if ok the server lets him in.  From then, till the session is closed, the environment variable HTTP_USER is set at the server end by all transactions with the browser so that EE knows who you are by this.
EE uses cookies to store your identification.  Once you've been authenticated, it sets a cookie on your browser which lives for an extended period of time.  Each page access you make sends the cookie back to the EE web server which reads it and customizes the page based on who you are.
hobbit123Author Commented:
What about non-cookie browsers?
There is a non-cookie login which then has to send/receive your login name with each page. But most browsers handle cookies.
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