F-disk wont format

I have a Quantum 6.4 gb IDE.  Partioned into a 4 gb Primary With a 2 gb Extended.  I wanted to fdisk it into a single drive, but I can't remove the Primary because there is an Extended, and can't remove the Extended because there is a Logical drive.  When I go to remove the logical drive it says there isn't one.  Tried using Fdisk and Disk Druid.  Also tried using Partion Magic 4.0 and 5.0 but got an error message that they couldn't initialize the windows partion.  My BIOS on the Abit BH6 does not have a Low level fomat utility, and I can't find one for the Quantum drive on Quantum's web page.  
    Can I use a low level format utility from an other company like Seagate, Maxtor Or Western Digital.  If not do you know of anyother way to reclaim the lost space. Or where can I get one for the Quantum drive.
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rayt333Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What about this?
Zero Fill Utility
 Version:     1.01
 Size:           388,352 bytes
 Description: Utility used to erase / format Quantum ATA (IDE) disk drives.  This utility will COMPLETELY ERASE all data on the drive.   Useful to eliminate partitions, user data files and stubborn virus programs.  
 Please download and read the user guide prior to using this program.  The Zero Fill routine is included in the  Quantum Ontrack Disk Manager utility, version 3.0.  Disk Manager 3.0 customers do not need to download this routine.

I have some suggestions.
Please confirm that your FDISK is the version of after win95, thus it can hanle the big hard disks.
If the FDISK still do not work, you maybe not need to download software from the net, (your hard disk has been destoried, how can you download?)
You only need to do is go to your friends or any computer service provider, in order to find a main board which contains "low level" format on its BIOS, format your disk there, then FDISK, to see if it works this time.
You might want to try to remove it with NT setup disks! (just in case, as NTFS partitions won't show up in fdisk)
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