Outlook 97 Time Stamp on messages inaccurate

My staff has reported a problem on messages they receive--the time stamp is inaccurate.  It seems to be always off by two hours. I have checked all of the clocks on the desktops and they show correct time.  When sending a message, the correct time shows in the "message sent" log, but the receiver's time is off.  Also on the message sent back to the sender acknowledging the reading of the message also has incorrect times - the time stamp of sending the message is two hours earlier than it was sent and the time stamp for when the message was read is two hours after when it was read.

I am using a Windows 95 peer-to-peer network.  At this point, I do not believe that it makes any difference who sends the messages.  It has been an ongoing problem, but it is "bugging" the staff.

Any ideas?  Thanks!
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bchewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check Outlook Tools/Options/Calendar/Time Zone.
check regional settings on the computer..
daylight saving. and the lot..

Lotus Notes does the same if not all are alike..
If someone sends a message to themselves is the time still off?
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borleymsgsAuthor Commented:
No, the time is correct.
borleymsgsAuthor Commented:
Regarding the comment on checking regional settings, I could find nothing to check other than the time showing on the desktop.  I went into DOS and checked time, which was OK.  Are there other places that time is stored??
borleymsgsAuthor Commented:
The answer solved my problem.  I was set on Pacific Time whereas it should have been Centra Daylight Time.  
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