session time

I have set

in Global.asa file,but when i want to display it in any page by this

dim tim

it gives 20 which is default,why it is so.

second: When i adjust the
session.timeout=60 in global.asa file,when session expires i want to update my database. How i can do it,
i want to update my database through global.asa file.

3. About time i want to get time in min and hours how i can do it. When i use now(),it gives also date,and when i use format function there is error on format.
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I used frames with a continuely refreshing window in the corner. When it picked up they were no longer logged in it ran a script ... which you could change so that it accessed a database. I did it this way as you are rather limited in what you can do from the global.asa file and for some reason I had problems with making it run as expect for some reason ... maybe you are having a similar problem with the timeout thing.

You're correct in writing,

session.timeout = 20

for example in global.asa - are you sure you have global.asa in the correct location and it is being read correctly?

You could try the on session end thing as below but as I said it wouldn't work for me:

sub session_onend
      'do stuff
end sub

The time stuff ... to convert a long time such as tim = 09:33:56 PM to tim = 09:33 I used formatdatetime(tim, 4).

Hope that helps.

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MumtazAuthor Commented:
I have used the
in global.asa on_session_start function.

second how you get
time which format u have suggested.

i mean by which function
tim = 09:33:56 PM

is any possiblity to update database after session timeout from global.asa file.
Mmmm ... I don't see why not. As long as you don't try and write anything to the browser it should be okay.

In the database if you enter a time into a date/time field then it needs to be 09:58:00 PM for example (use timevalue("09:58"). When you get this time out of the database again you'll want to convert it back to 09:58 using the format thing.
MumtazAuthor Commented:
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