What is the future of Delphi?

Does anyone know the future of Delphi?
I really like Delphi, but I am wondering what the
future is for Delphi.  I see most jobs for Java and
VB, but not too many for Delphi. I heard that Borland
will be coming out with a Delphi for Linux next year
but will Delphi become a mainstream programming
langauge here in the USA?

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It has happened for me to do programming in Delphi, C++ Builder, MS Visual C++ and Java.

The future of Delphi depends upon the Inprise (former Borland) company itself. As far as i know Delphi was really an escape for Borland company. This company did have big financial problems.

Delphi is easy for people who are new to programming. People quickly get used to it. After they work more with it, they notice that it's a Visual tool. If a programmer wants to do some really specific programming he has to deploy Win 32 API programming.

One of my colleagues has to do some TCP socket programming with Delphi. The internet components which ship with it are easy to use, but they are "too visual" and if you want to create TCP connections in a loop on the fly, these visual components do not suit anymore. What you need is just some socket functionality.

A week ago we had to choose the tool to develop an application. We had to choose between Delphi and MS Visual C++. We've chosen the latter. We were really dubious about Delphi ability to work with MS SQL Server and ASP. We decided to choose MS Visual C++. The only advantage for Delphi was it's easiness in creating GUI and working with databases. But after we thought a bit about ASP and database server, we decided to deploy the Microsoft product.

As far as i know Borland tools aren't mature enough. People think there are quite a lot of bugs there.

Personally for me Delphi community is quite friendly and there quite a few ready-to use free code made on the Delphi Super Page and others.

I wouldn't be so radical about the way i choose programming tools. As long as you're doing something independent from Microsoft tools, you can take Delphi and do pretty cool stuff with it.

Let's take a look at what will be brought by Inprise to Linux :-)

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Hi Mindo,

well, all I can say is, we're using Delphi for our only software product, we do some really serious/difficult/hacky/system level stuff, and we're totally happy with Delphi. I can't tell you whether VC++ has less bugs, but Delphi4SP3 or D5 is really stable and a joy to work with. Our software would be by far not so ready/finished as it is yet, if we wouldn't have used Delphi. If my employer would decide to choose VC++, I would quit and look for another job...   :-)
IMHO the main advantages from VC++ are (1) the ability to write drivers with it and (2) that all the Microsoft documentation code is in C++. That's it.

BTW, if your colleague needs some good internet components, he should not go with Delphi's original components, but better with these great ones:


They're totally free and very good. Not "too visual", either...   :-)

About Delphi's future: Let's see. I hope that the Linux version will push Delphi on the win32 platform, too. But I don't think that Delphi will become the primer development system on win32 - at least not soon. But perhaps - if Delphi can establish as the standard development system for Linux, perhaps than the wave comes back to win32 somewhen in the future...

I only wish, that Borland would develop a Delphi for BeOS, too...   :-(

Regards, Madshi.
waipahuAuthor Commented:
BEOS...making the news lately.
I hear it suppose to be pretty stable
and good for multimedia.   That would
be cool.  Not too many people here
in Hawaii know about Delphi. I'm the
only one using Delphi at my company.
The other programmers only program
in Natural/Adabas for our HP 9000 UNIX
box.  I do some delphi stuff for
laptop deployment and also when
our network crashes.  I wrote some
pretty neat FTP and quick email
programs. I really enjoy delphi. I
learned it on my own and i'm not an
expert. I wish I could take some
classes and learn more about Midas
and COBRA and the more heavy duty
application stuff. Delphi training
is no where to be found here in Hawaii.
I wish Borland would promote their
products more widely.
I was thinking of investing in Inprise
but I'm not too sure about their
future. All i hear is VB this and VB
that.  Anyways, it is good to know
that there are others out there that
love Delphi.  Take care and more
comments are welcomed!

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if I look into Delphi's crystal ball, I see a guy named "scrapdog" using it many years in the future
even if Borland ever stops making Delphi, it will not die

Look at the C-64, and Turbo Pascal.  No, they're not made anymore, but they still have a huge cult following (including me).
And what with Microsoft having a large share investment in Inprise, who can say whether Delphi6 will not be called Visual Pascal?

Tim, Microsoft's investment didn't stop Inprise/Borland from announcing Kylix for Linux, so I don't think there's a danger of getting "Visual Pascal"...   :-)

Regards, Madshi.
AttarSoftware, that thought is scary...in fact I had that exact same thought when I first read this thread.  Let us pray it never happens.
I've noticed the scarcity of jobs for Delphi programmers as well. I work in a Fortune 500 oil & gas company and my applications are the only ones using Delphi. I am competing with VB, Visual C++ and (God Forbid) PowerBuilder as well as some goofy FoxPro apps. Mine have been in place over 4 years without nary a bug and over a 99.9% uptime. Any downtime for my apps is ONLY caused by the SQL Server going down on occasion.

As a developer who works in 13+ languages, Delphi is my tool of choice for 90% and above of the applications I write. Note also that Delphi, being a "niche" programming language, commands a higher pay rate than "generic" or "garden-variety" languages like VB or MS Access developers. Where VB programmers (experts) in my area are getting (tops) 60k/year, I'm able to command over 111k/year using Delphi to solve extremely complex business tasks.

Just my .02 cents worth!
Hi Peg,

111k/year! Just out of interest, what country are you in?

In the country i work in an average programmer gets 3$ an hour. If you take the taxes, there is left 2$ per hour for him.

A really bright programmer gets 6$ an hour and is left with 4$ after the taxes are taken off.
Hi Mindo,

What country are you from?

In New Zealand an average programmer will get $16/hr which is about US$8.

A quarter to a third goes on tax, and we pay 12.5% additional tax on any product or service we buy. It sucks. :-(

Ouch! $2 an hour? That hurts! I work in the USA, specifially Texas and the programmers (Delphi) in this area are pulling down (on average) about $54.50/hour. What country are you in so I know not to accept a contract over there! hehehahha

We live like this in Lithuania. As far as i know things are about the same in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and other former Soviet countries.

By the way, i'll go to the West just after i finish my studies :-)

I promise you anything that you can code in Visual C++(except VXD and drivers) I can do in Delphi quicker and with less bugs...

Delphi has very good Socket components that are not visual at all...I use them all the time...Check out TCustomWinSocket and the other sockets that descend from it...very easy to send packets back and forth from Client to Server...

We use Delphi for everything here...from Low Level System and Windows API programming to Clients, and our new project an XML Server.

In our company we have Delphi, C++, and VB programmers...out of all us...our group(Delphi programmers) has the highest salary...and gets the best projects...

P.S. I'm in Dallas, TX

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