I have a brand new hard drive which I'm need to make a Disk to Disk copy from existing drive in the our system.
Need information on how to used the right mount and copy to disk commands or tools to do this.

I have a new Seagate IDE 33/DMA 3.2GB model # ST-33210A. In the main system there is a 1.0GB. The data on this drive only used 75% of space is used so
there is enough space to copy data.
Help thanks
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If you just need more room, I recommend you install the new HD as an additional drive.  (all of these steps can be done in scoadmin.)  Then you can mount it as a temporary drive, then (assuming you need the space for an application) copy the files from where you want more space to the temporary drive, and finally unmount the temp drive, and  remount it over the spot where the old data was.  It sounds strange, but even directories are able to be converted to mount points, and the new HD mounted over the old data.  You don't even loose the old data, so if you make a mistake, just remove the new drive, and the system is still usable.
rculbertsonAuthor Commented:
What I'm trying to do is I have a HD that has hard disk errors on the main system. I have another disk in a PC which is the same as the one in the main system. I want to make of copy of the one in the PC for backup. So if the main system goes down I can replace with the PC HD. Then the new HD I copied to can go in the PC. The problem is I can not turn off the main system to do anything because of the programs that its running. Until it fails a Money Issue. But what I was asking was, What are the commands to mount and copy disk to disk in SCO UNIX and if there's a Step by Step procedures that you can show me. I'm new at this.

Sorry, your clean out of luck.

In order to make a hard drive work as a SCO system drive in a system you must do this.

1.  Install the new drive
2.  Boot the system using the SCO install floppys.
3.  Install the complete OS from CD to the hard drive using ALL the correct options.
4.  After SCO will properly boot on the new drive, you can then reinstall the old drive
5.  If you want your app to run on the new drive you must do the steps in my previous answer to mount both drives at the same time, and then copy the files you want from one to the other in the proper place.

If you perform 1-5 correctly, then when you boot with the new disk in place the system will run just like it was never touched.

I have seen one product only that attempted to do a disk to disk HD copy like you asked.  That was Drive Image.  I was unable to make it perform the simplest copy except for one specific case.  If you have 2 hard drives that are IDENTICAL....  (same number of cylinders, heads, and tracks) then it MIGHT copy the drive over in a usable manner.  I was told by tech support for this product that they could only guarantee it would work in a copy between 2 identical (same brand and model) hard drives.  I got it to work one time, but it developed problems almost immediately, and we ended up doing steps 1-5 above on it.

If you wait for the system to die, you better plan on a long rebuild process.  Your only alternative is to move over to the new drive at night, or on a weekend when you will have the time to rebuild it properly.  If you wait for it to die, then it will and the best SCO tech in the world will have to go through steps 1-5 above.

Good Luck

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rculbertsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Calvin Thomas your are a winner.
Why thank you very much  ;-)

I have used Symantec's Diskclon to copy SCO disks to others without any problems.  

The only criteria I had to ensure was that the target disk had to be either the same size or larger than the source
rculbertsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks weeph that sounds like a good idea, I will try Symantec Diskcon.
The target disk is larger than the source.

Thank for your help weeph
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