Sending popup messages to users in the domain

I am looking for a messaging utility that meets the following requirements:

1- Enable an admin to send popup messages to a specific group of users, ie: specific usernames regardless of what workstation they are logged into and/or workstations by name

2- Preferably a utility that allows the creation of distribution lists

3- Preferably a utility that accepts rpc calls from UNIX hosts such as Win Popup (however Winpopup was unsatisfactory in other areas)

4- Preferably a utility that does not need to be running on the client stations, if not possible, one that can be installed and ran in such a manner that the users cannot shut it down or disable it
(however, sadly, the client machines are Win98)

5- If a client piece is required, one that has a small resource footprint (ie < 1 meg memory)

Server Manager is not satisfactory, as well as several other shareware apps I have tried. (ICQ, etc...)

Does anyone know of any good utilities out there?

Thanks greatly,
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heathprovostConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have a utility that meets SOME of these requirements, but not all.

1. It cannot currently send to username or usergroup, only by machinename or to workgroups.  I plan on adding this feature, but it is rather difficult to do.

2. It doenst yet have distribution list support.  This is a planned feature and should be simple to add.

3. It is 100% winpopup and NT messenger service compatible, so I assume the unix utility is also compatible, although I have never tested.

4. I am afraid any utility like this would need to be running on the client.  However, the one I wrote runs as a service in 95/98 and is completely invisible to the user, and doesnt show up on the task manager so closing it can be made difficult to do (I use a password override feature to allow closing of the service if needed).

5. Only uses about 50k of memory and the total exe footprint is about 40K (2 files).

This is a freeware utility currently under development by me.  It is being actively developed, but is not completely finished yet.  The only known bug in it at this point is it shuts down when the user logs off (it should NOT do this).  I am wokring on fixing it right now.  I you would like a copy just drop me an email.  I would really like to have someone who could beta this in such a diverse environment.


btw, this is not a gui based utility.  If you have used the NET SEND command on NT, you pretty much know exactly how this utility works.  It was written primarily to be a 100% functional work alike of the NET SEND and Messenger service in NT.

rhuggaAuthor Commented:
Sure, I will give it a try.

I have a mixed NT 4.0, Win98, and NT 2000 environment with some Solaris database servers. I need to send messages to ERP users when I am doing maintenance.

My email is

Could you also send this pgm to me for testing, in a mixed environment. My e-mail is

I just sent you two a copy of the program.  Please read the included readme file before proceeding.  Please note this program is for Windows 95/98 only, it isnt supported on 3.1 or NT, although it does run on NT (it just would make sense to run it on NT since it is a port of any existing NT feature).

I m also looking for the same Could you please also send this utility to me.  My e-mail is
I will be very thanful to you.

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