I'm buying memory for a new computer. The motherboard supports ECC memory and I'd like to get ECC memory but I only have the money for 1 64 meg DIMM now. I read a thing that said "you need two ECC modules used together to perform the ECC function." Can I use 1 ECC Dimm by itself for now and still have it work without the ECC functions till I get another 64 Meg DIMM? Or will the system not function till I get 2?
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You probably was reading info for Simm chips or maybe you misunderstood when it said chipset (refering to the actual chips on the DIMM)
Parity checking provides single-bit error detection for the system memory, but does not handle multi-bit errors, and provides no way to correct memory errors. An advanced error detection and correction protocol was invented to go a step beyond simple parity checking.
Called ECC, which stands for error correcting circuits, error correcting code, or error correction code, this protocol not only detects both single-bit and multi-bit errors, it will actually correct single-bit errors on the fly, transparently. Like parity checking, ECC requires a setting in the BIOS program to be enabled.

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