How to make changes on Iexplorer 5.0 with IEAK Profile Manager?

I have downloaded IEAK from Microsoft, I have an installed Iexplorer 5.0, and I am trying to disable the Tools-Internet Options menu. I imported the axaa.adm policy file from the IEAK folder, made the changes, but I don't know where to save them and under what syntax when it asks me:

1. .INS file full path and filename:

2. URL Path of cabinet (.CAB) files:

3. Configuration cabinet (.CAB) filename:

Further, assuming I where have to be done the above correctly, how do I go about so the changes go into effect with Iexplorer?
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the ins file is the file you save, the update file. so call it install.ins for example.

You don't need the cab files as they are only needed when you will change a file but this settinig you are talking about won't need it.

To update the settings in tools > internet options > connections > settings, choose "use automatic configuration script" and place the path to the ins file you make.

Is that any clearer?
Sorry, I misread your question.

Are you doing it to one pc or more than one?  if it is more than one do you have access to a web server? if it is only one, follow these setps.

where it asks you the name of the ins file, make it C:\windows\desktop\install.ins

the location of the cabinet files will be where you downloaded them from

then double click on the install.ins file on the desktop.
ekrischAuthor Commented:

We are trying to do the above on a stand alone and later on a network by just dumping images on every computer on our net. I understood entry number 1 of my question. However, if I don't enter an acceptable answer to numbers 2 and 3 it will keep asking me for an entry. It looks I do need an input from you in terms of what to enter (proper syntax and location).
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the url of the cab files is the location you downloaded the ie setup files from, if you have  a cd copy them onto a web server, then use that url, the 3 rd one the update cab just puts a file next to the ins file which has some inf files.

however, if you just want to stop people getting into the internet options, just rename the inetcpl.cpl file to inetcpl.cp this will stop them from having access to it.


ekrischAuthor Commented:
Wow, you don't know how much time and work you have saved me by the tip you gave me above. Is there any other cpl file which disables the moving around of the menu bars on Iexplorer 5.0. If I get this one, I got it made.
no sorry, the cpl file is the control panel extension file which is the extra settings, basically everything in the control panel has one.

I don't know how you would stop the bars from being moved though.


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