how to download from ftp site?

Hi. Never used ftp before. Where do i find logins and passwords to get into ftp sites? how do i connect to the site using these? Ex. When i click on a file to download (using IE5) it says "login failed". It never gives a dialog box for me to at least type a login and password(assuming this is how it's done)
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nttiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi.  First off, you'll need what is called an FTP client.  This is a program that allows you to connect to an FTP site, or server.  Once you're connected you'll be able to download/upload files.  You can find a FTP client for your operating system at any shareware site, such as or
Now, many FTP sites allow what is called 'anonymous logins'.  This is really just a generic user account so everyone can access the site.  Use 'anonymous' as the login name and your e-mail address as the password.  If you'd like more help, check out my website, and read the "Downloading Files" tutorial.  Best of luck!
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