Taking an Aussie computer to Japan

I am going to be living in Japan for a while. I want to buy a laptop to take there, as I assume this will be far more useful than buying it in Japan, as I can't speak Japanese (therefore don't want a Japanese OS).

What problems am I likely to need to consider when choosing a machine? For example, will the power supply work? Are there any other hassles that I need to watch out for?

Thanks in advance.
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doebuckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sorry for the wrong info.

you WILL have to get an adeptor for your laptop.
just make sure it's Y2K compliant and you've got internet to connect to experts-exchange.
have a nice time in japan.
anthonyfAuthor Commented:
Really??!! We have 240 volts in Australia. Will that still work with the 100 volt system in Japan? Have computer manufacturers actually planned for that kind of situation? If so, I'm surprised (and happy!)
"you WILL have to get an adeptor for your laptop."

Most / if not all, laptops come with AC adapters that are international: 100V-240V

Cheaper to buy here in JAPAN,
also you can't get makers service on overseas purchases:
(Warranty becomes invalid overseas).

They sell new & used ENGLISH only OS & dual boot ENGLISH /JAPANESE OS   computers / laptops in JAPAN.

I have first hand experience.
I have repaired many broken Japanese computers (in TOKYO) & installed dual boot ENGLISH /JAPANESE OS on all of them.

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