How to disable mail template update?

I copy origin mail template of Lotus Notes and then design it (add some feature)become my template, then I copy my mail template into the same directory with origin mail template.I intend to apply my template for some peoples and others are still use origin mail template. But when I apply this all of user's mail is updated by my mail template, I don't want it. My purpose is some user's mail design will be replaced by my mail template and others're still use origin mail template(Nothing change). How can I do ? Pls tell me ASAP. Thanks
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R_ReedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On the mail template that you modify, change the filename, and also change the database template name.  Do this by right clicking on the database, and click the design tab.  Change the template name.  Now you can differentiate between the existing mail template and the one you customized.  After you change the filename and template name, put it back on the server.  When you replace design, you will be able to choose your new mail template, and other people will be able to keep their existing mail template with no problems!

Good Luck!
Hi tuancd,

Go to your template property, go to design tap, In the "Database as a template" option give some unique name say "Mymailtemplate".

Open the users mail database property, go to design tab, in the "Inherit design from template" field give your template name for the users who wants your template design. For other usere give the notes default mail template name.

good luck,
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