D4 Interbase password - can't get in

Hello all,

I have Delphi 4 and LIBS, and I can't get into my LIBS aliases. I tried 'masterkey' as discussed in the manual and books and cannot do it. I may have changed and forgotten the password, or else I don't know what has happened.

I uninstalled and installed again LIBS, but the problem persists. Thanks for any light you may shed on this.
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GreymanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To get the default passwords back, you need to go to your interbase install directory.  There you will find two files: Isc4.gdb and Isc4.gbk .  Delete Isc4.gdb, then restore Isc4.gbk into Isc4.gdb.

After that, you will be back with SYSDBA and masterkey again.
hi eduardo,

the default settings are
username: sysdba
password: masterkey

if you changed the password, maybe it helps to delete the .gdb file(s) before a new installation.

you'll need to launch interbase server ... on my PC it's the only solution
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Alphaomega is absolutely right - if the server is not running, you can't log in.  (Have you checked that?)
Eduardo1Author Commented:
Thank you Greyman...

As I mentioned, I have LIBS, which means I'm working on a single machine. So there is no server to restart.
What I ended up doing was uninstalling and reinstalling Delphi, after deleting all the interbase aliases.

Because I had not stored any information, but only needed the demo files, this worked ok. Greyman's answer came after that, but because I have no way of testing the answer, I will count it as good and grant him the 100 points.

Thanks for participating,
Best Regards.
Eduardo A. Saad
Actually, there is a server to restart.  The Local Interbase Server is a seperate program.  It will either be in your Startup program group, or it will be in the Services control panel.
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