How to access Notes nsf from Ms Access using ODBC?

All the while we are doing accessing other databases from Notes thru ODBC.  How about if I want to access Notes .nsf thru a Ms Access database?  How to do it?
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agvaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can use a tool which will do this job automaticly. Please look about this tool at:
You can use the notes sql odbc driver to set up an odbc connection or even link directly to Access, or could use vba to Access directly. below is an example that will take contacts from an access database and enter that into the Personal Address book into notes
Sub usbexportaddress()
    Const ntsserver = "" 'Use empty string if it is a local database
                          'else use the server/domain ex: notes46/pc46
    Const ntsmailFile = "names.nsf"
    Dim db As Database
    Dim rst As Recordset
    Dim strAddr As String
    Dim osess As Object
    Dim oDb As Object
    Dim oDoc As Object
    Dim v As Variant
    Set db = CurrentDb()
    Set rst = db.OpenRecordset("myadddressbook")
    Set osess = CreateObject("Notes.NotesSession")
    Set oDb = osess.getdatabase(ntsserver, ntsmailFile)
On Error GoTo err_usbaddressbook
Dim strFirst As String
    Dim strLast As String
    Dim strAddr As String
    Do While Not rst.EOF
        strFirst = rst("FirstName")
        strLast = rst("LastName")
        strAddr = rst("MailAddress")
        Set oDoc = oDb.CreateDocument
        oDoc.Form = "Business Card"
        Dim retval As Variant
        oDoc.FirstName = strFirst
'notes field is an array of variants or strings
        'MsgBox retval(0)
        oDoc.LastName = strLast
        oDoc.MailAddress = strAddr
        oDoc.FullName = strFirst & " " & strLast
        oDoc.Type = "Person"
        Call oDoc.Save(True, True)
        Set oDoc = Nothing
    Set rst = Nothing
    Set db = Nothing
    Set oDoc = Nothing
    Set oDb = Nothing
    Set osess = Nothing
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox Err.Number & " " & Err.Description
    Resume exit_usbaddressbook
End Sub
any questions? hope this helps
Can I do the other way round?
I want to import data from NSF to Access?
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