Safest Way!!!!!!!!!!

I want to install the new Creative drivers for the GeForce correctly.....What's the safest way to install the newer version. By the way I'm not a rocket scientist, hope it's not to difficult........:-)
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My name is MudConnect With a Mentor Systems EngineerCommented:
Ohhh... then...

Delete the old Device in control panel...

but first click "Start" -> "Settings" -> "Control Panel" -> "System" -> "Device Manager" TAB -> then the device you're gonna erase [double click], once there click on "Driver" TAB, -> Click on "Driver File Detail", after that write on a paper the names and paths of the files this driver needs [all of them], copy them to another "New directory" in case they are deleted...

Ok now delete the device, just select the device [click on it] and hit the "Delete" key...

Restart the Machine, then if at reboot is detected, state the new path of the new drivers, if not, do a "Auto Detection"...
My name is MudSystems EngineerCommented:
Do a backup of the entire Reg file [USER.DAT, SYSTEM.DAT], and all the Ini files...
hi!!! maybe you could keep a copy of the old version (preferably its installer drivers) and install the new driver...

if you are not satisfied with the results, you coudl reinstall the old drivers and choose "overwrite with older version (or whatever it is)" so it would overwrite the new drivers with the ones you already had... =)
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as whatboy says

copy your existing registry files :
start a dos prompt

type :

cd \windows\system
attrib -r -s -h system.dat
attrib -r -s -h user.dat
copy system.dat system2.dat
copy user.dat user2.dat
attrib +r +s +h system.dat
attrib +r +s +h user.dat

that should do the trick

bigdgAuthor Commented:
I'm confused.........this is whats going on........I just purchased a GeForce 256.....
I checked in my control panel under display opts....checked the driver it said 3DBGFW9X.DRV.....I downloaded the new Drivers frm CL, called "3Dbaw9X.exe"...after running the istall, my system still shows 3DBGFW9X.DRV.......Is this normal or I'm I installing incorrectly.........PLS HELP, WANNA PLAY GAMES........


bigdgAuthor Commented:
Thank you, that was fast and fun....

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