Calling C++ dlls in VB

Are there any specific points to take note of when calling C++ dll functions in VB ?


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Some points here
1.when U R passing a string C++ dll expect always null characters in the end so send a string with null characters appended usualy vb doesnot have a null terminated string.
2. Be aware of what the dll function's parameter expects UR ByRef and ByVal are to taken care
Is your C++ Dll is an COM DLL which supports compatible Data types.
manx, if you ask a specific question, perhaps you'll get a useful answer...

What is it you wish to know?
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From: MSDN:

This is all about decoration... (which you overcome anyways if your inside VS6)
The following is from that MSDN page:

Note   A very good discussion (with example code) of calling a C DLL from Visual Basic can be found in the file VB4DLL.TXT in the VB directory.

Hope this helps.


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manxAuthor Commented:
The VB4DLL.txt file was very helpful.

A more specific question of sorts.
When I declare the C++ dll and link it to the VB module as follows :

In the C++ dll
__declspec(dllexport) void      StartHTML();

In the VB module
Private Declare Function StartHTML Lib "CGI1" ()

I get a "file not found CGI1" message from the VB compiler.

The file is in the project directory.
Are there any include statements, compiler options etc to include ?

Thanks for all the help so far


I saw a comment about that: it's related with name decoration.
On C you only need (almost) the C function.
In C++ the compiler adds more (+arg_type, ...) to the name so you may not be able to say only "StartHtml" from CGI1.DLL.

Check documentation or ask to mflam.
I didn't realize you were still having problems...

I can prepare and send you an example if you'd like...

My email address is
   One more point I think of is the function in dll which u wish to call from VB must have stdcall calling convention.

All the best

manxAuthor Commented:
Thanks A lot for all the advice.

Finally managed to get the problem solved.


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