Networking a MAC and a PC

How do I network the two to share my internet conection? Using Win98SE and OS8.5.1

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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Put IPNetRouter from or Vicom Internet Gatway from on the mac. That will enable the mac to dial to the internet and the PC to access the internet through the mac. Im sure there are similar configurations available for the pc if you dont want to tie up yoour valuable mac. Now to share files between the two you can use either Dave for the mac or PCMacLan for the pc. Those are available at You could also set up a FTP server on either computer and share files that way. FTP is faster. As far as networking the tho all you need is an ethernet crossover cable that goes in the ethernet port of each computer. Thats it.
rnhAuthor Commented:
was trying to congiure the pc to dial up and share its connection...
you could do that as well but you would have to ask in the PC forums.
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