Sharing the Internet using one modem connection.

I have recently setup a 2 computer network and is working fine. But I also want to be able to use it for the Internet, and was wondering how can I setup my browsers to do that? I have Windows 98 and heard from ppl that it already has a built-in program that does it. I am currently setting up the proxy in Netscape 6 and IE4 but have problems doing it. Could you please help, thanks.
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There are two solutions depending on my knowloge:

1. Use a Windows NT server to access the internet through the modem.

2. Use IP share and a control software ( i.e WinGate, Seagate,...etc.).

For your network, I suggest to use Windows NT server because it is cheaper. In addition, if you familiar with unix or linux, it is much better than Windows NT server.

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The following is a copy of an answer I gave to another person at this site. In his case, computer A is the one with the Internet connection and B is the one he wants to be able to connect through A. As I mention in the answer, only Version 2 of Win98 has the software, the normal "non version 2" doesn't and you can't download it.:

Do you have Win98 version 2? If so, it has Internet Connection sharing built in. Install this onto computer A. If it's not already installed, goto control panel->add/remove programs->WIndows setup. Here you will find "Internet Connection Sharing". Sorry to say I cant tell you exactly which category it's under but the computer I'm on doesn't have that version of '98 so I guess you'll have to poke around a little. At any rate, just install it. During the installation, it will ask for a floppy. It will then create an installation floppy which you bring to computer B. If I remember correctly all you do is run the stuff on the floppy and computer B will be set up automatically.

Now, if you don't have Win98 version 2, you need to get some third party software. Look for a product called WinGate. You can find it here: It's not free but I think they have a demo copy you can download and if you like it you can buy it. There are other similar products to this on the Internet but this is the only one I can think of right now. At any rate, Install WinGate (or program of choice) onto computer A. Along with WinGate you get information on settings that need to be made to computer B (Basically how to setup TCP/IP properties for that computer).

I have used both of these methods to success. It's really not a difficult process. Only part that I didn't initally do right was that I didn't understand that the software only had to be installed on the host computer (in your case, A) and installed it on both. Other than that, it went pretty flawlessley in both cases. The only real choice I remember having in the whole setup is which NIC is connected to the Internet, which I assume you already know. In my case my NICs were made by two different manufacturers so it was a pretty simple choice.
FrohikeAuthor Commented:
jarbou, I'm only a novice home user with little experience with networking. I couldn't comprehand your answer. The comment by ggilman was much better!

But thanks anyway.
If you liked my answer that much better, you could have given me the points instead.
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