Perl32 and Perl in Linux or Unix

I am a starter for perl programming.
Can I use Activestate Perl32 with IIS4 as my programming development evironment.

(1) Can Perl32 work with IIS4?
(2) Can I use the (1)'s program (finished codes) upload to Linux or Unix (Virtual web hosting server) to run ?
    Does my thinking workable in practice?
(3) My actual end-finished codes must be run well in Linux or Unix environment.
    Where (websites) can I get information to avoid the perl difference with Perl (Unix) and Perl 32.
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jamestseAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Hmm. I've never heard Activestate's perl being referred to as 'perl32'.

Perl itself is mostly platform independent, although there are some differences between Unix and Win32 platforms where access to OS-specific features are concerned. Activestate's perl comes with several Win32-specific modules for Windows platform only.

You can develop your programs on Windows and run them on Unix and vice-versa as long as you are mindful of the differences.

Look at the FAQ at One of the sections is devoted entirely to the differences between Unix and Win32, and things to watch out for if you want your programs to be platform-independent.
1 Yes it works with no problems, you only have to configure IIS. You have to assign the .pl and to tell him where to find the perl interpreter. We have a webserver running under NT/IIS and Perl so if you have problems with installation no problem just ask

2 Be sure that you have the same Cpan running on the Nt machine as on the Unix. Also you have to take care about for some special things like if you want to excute dos commands.
Don´t forget to the set the rights under unix chmod 755 would be ok.

3 also the help manuals is ok.


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