opening a web page from an e-mail link WITHIN a frame

While adding new features to an intranet i often send e-mails telling people of this. However, if i send a link to a specific page, it won't open the page within the frame (did i mention that?). So i basically just send an e-mail with a link to the Intranet root, and explain where to go once they are there.
Is there any round this at all?
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rhinosaurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Lets say the main text area where the page you want them to see is in a frame called "main", and the page you want them to see is "test.html". You could use the following,


On the index.html page (where the frameset stuff is) you could pick up what the query string is (page = test.html) and display a different page within the main frame depending on what this value is ... either using VBScript if you make index.html into index.asp or JavaScript.

Couldn't get exactly what do you want. Could you post the link which you send to people.

Kamal Ranjan
mikeandbeeAuthor Commented:
let me clarify my problem.

The link to the intranet is simply


(this actually points to http://intranet/intranetFrameset/
the main page is index.asp, side bar link.htm)

however, say i have a new page with a path

if i send this link as an e-mail, as you know this will not open the page inside the frame, but as a single web page.
So what i want is to somehow be able to send a detailed link as above but still have it open within the frameset. Do i need to use a javascript or vbscript to do this?


The easiest solution is to created a duplicate of the frameset page, with the newpage.asp to open in main window.

Save the frameset page as something like

Change the email link to email.htm, it would open the newpage.asp within the frameset.
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