Porting Scanner in code to Delphi?

How can I porting scanner in code with delphi? I want to scan image to my application.  Anyone can give me an advice how to complete this task or if there is anywhere I can find an example or demonstration like that? Please let me know....
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simonetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The URL to my site is:

Athena's Place: http://www.bhnet.com.br/~simonet

the component Meikl refered to is TASEzTwain.

The component gives you access to the scanner by encapsulating several calls from the EzTwain interface.

If you're running Delphi 3.02, you can download the component separately from the AS PowerTools page. If you're using Delphi 4.03 you must download the package AS OmniTools and install the whole package (which includes other cool components).

Another good related sites are:

How to use TWAIN scanners in Borland's Delphi

TWAIN Online



PS: Shame on you, Meikl, for not knowing my site's URL by heart!!!

hi delphi-expert,

look at alex (simonet) athenas place site, there are twain-components. i have the url not in mind yet, but i guess you know the url already.

meikl ;-)
Delphi_ExpertAuthor Commented:
     Thanks for kretzschmar's answer, anyway. Sorry to disappoint you, I don't know it yet... Anyone can clearify this ? Give me more clue...please
hi alex,
yup, shame on me,
just bookmarked now
meikl ;-)
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