hard drive not recognized


I have a Samsung hard drive that was working perfectly then just recently I went to the PC and now the hard drive isn't being recognized at all.  Is there any utility that would help me determine the problem with the HDD or is there anything I can do to test it.  Thanks for any help
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OttaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
> still not being detected.

What do you observe?
Does the BIOS state "enabled" ?
What does the BIOS-based "auto-detect" report ?
What does the command 'FDISK /STATUS' report ?

Since you have removed the cover, try this.
Turn the computer off.
Put one finger in contact with the casing of the hard-drive.
Turn the computer on.
Do you feel *ANY* vibrations from the hard-drive?

Remove the hard-drive, and attach it to another computer, and see if it "works" in that computer.
If nothing has changed and your HD jus' dudnt be workin, you gotta da VOODOO curse.
Turn the computer on.

Press 'DEL' to enter BIOS-setup.

Be sure that the IDE drive(s) are "enabled", and not "disabled".

Select "auto-detect IDE drive".
What is displayed?
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Yes try Otta's advice and also rip the case off your PC and check all the cables (power, ide etc), they can come loose!!

valvojAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help but still not being detected.  
valvojAuthor Commented:
Ok, tried in another PC and worked fine.  Found to be a connection problem.
Thanks all.
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