Active X and the internet


I am playing around with developing active X controls and I was wondering if I could get some input from the experts out there.  I have done some ASP work in the past so I am not completely internet illiterate.  My question is this and although it may be incredibly obvious I still would like to know the answer.  If I set up an ActiveX control to work with a database, would I be able to access as well as add information to this database from the web.  The reason I ask is that the documentation tells me that an Active X control is run on the client machine.  These may be some very basic questions but I would really appreciate some input.
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manojaminConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well, you can't use GUI for this (ActiveX Dll) method!

you can use ASP to access the dll...

Use Active X Component (not the control) (put it in the DLL, i.e. create ActiveX Dll) that will run on the server and yes you can do database manipulation...
tkuppinenAuthor Commented:
To access the dll from the net should I use an ActiveX control or ASP or is there some other method I may use?  The reason I am so interested in using a control is I would really like to use a VB-type interface over the net.
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