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I'm considering writing a plug-in for a specific application mime-type for the Netscape browser. Normally one writes this in C++ according to Netscape's API which I have downloaded. But has anybody done this in Delphi? Delphi is much nice than C++, and I would rather wroite it in Delphi as in C++.
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have you looked here:
probably nothing for delphi butthere is a framework here:

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I have two links for you :
Port of Netscape Plugin / LiveConnect SDK V30b5 to Delphi 2,3
with javapas, a equivalent of javah for pascal

You may ask
to let you know his sources.
BigRatAuthor Commented:
inthe: I have looked around and downloaded the SDK (for C++). The second link gave me a Delphi program which makes an embedded window. I'm studying the source and will let you know shortly.

jeurk: I have downloaded the first link and will study it. From second link I downloaded a NPWMF.DLL file which causes and error (Netscape.exe not found) when started under MS IE4.0.

I want in fact to have a plug-in which actually functions like an FTP dialog box (ie: I want to actually do a download). I shall access a server which will send short files of a specific mime type. These shall be intercepted by the plug-in, loaded and converted in memory, displayed in a text area in the dialog box, and when the user presses a button on the box, I want to make an HTTP request, multipart-form, to a specific server sending the converted data as a file. Currently the user loads the file to the local disk, switches URLs and enters the file name on a form which is then sent to the server. A plug-in would make life a lot easier and leave no local files which have to be deleted later lying around.
BigRatAuthor Commented:
I have investigated your answers and have established that inthe's reference to mikes homepage is the best answer so far.
   There is nothing Delphi-wise on the Netscape site, the WMF demo didn't work, and the java/Pascal site was way off the point.
   I have made some changes to "mikes" code and I am now on the way to making the Plug-in which I wanted.
   Thanks anyway lads!!
sorry not such great links ,probably becuase of the twebbrowser and many examples for ie people dont do so much netscape stuff in delphi.
all the best :-)
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