About build a website in UNIX

I work for a big airlines company,
We use the NT (IIS,asp, htm) to build our website.

In the future, we want to use the UNIX to build our
website.  But I do not know how to do this, and
which Website Server is better, and what kind of
develop tools should I use?

Please give me some suggestion about which products
should I use. and More detail suggestions.....
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MaxVTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"The" server out there is Apache (www.apache.org)
It supports ASP as well.

To build the page, use Win9x platform with all the tools
you need and then upload the page to the server via FTP.

The only problem you will encounter is compiled CGI - they
must be recompiled under UNIX to work. PERL CGI will not
be affected since PERL is interpreted.
use Apache as your web server
more details pls visit:

use PHP instead of ASP
more details pls visit:

You could also use the Netscape Enterprise Server
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If you install the frontpage extensions, you could still use frontpage on your NT machine to do the design. I know there are some wysiwyg editors for Linux/Unix, but I haven't used any of them. You might want to visit www.linuxapps.com
They've got a lot of apps posted there.
As freshmeat suggested, use PHP instead of ASP.

You can also run ASP pages on a UNIX web server using ChiliASP: http://www.chilisoft.com/ -- compatible with most any major web server, and many popular flavors of UNIX.
Hmmm... when did Apache begin to support ASP natively?
hxbAuthor Commented:
Thank for your help.

Which Unix system should I use, Linux or Sun Unix?
I know that in a small business company, Linux is OK.
But for Airlines company, It should sell the ticket in Internet
and do some other things.
hxbAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 100
i think Sun Unix maybe better for the security and stability, but only MAYBE

the important thing is Sun Unix is a commercial OS, u need to pay a lot of money to change the called "security and data stability", and many manuals and tech support

if your company is rich enough to pay the money for the Sun Unix and its application software, you can choose Sun.
because it is more easy to learn, configue, it will give u a pile of documents
Linux is a free software, u won't get as many documents from the provider as from Sun

ok, that's my own opinion
wish i can get the points

BTW, as i know, Apache doesn't support ASP yet, maybe support it in next version ?
and you can use WINE or SAMBA to make the Linux/Unix server as a neighbourhood in your Microsoft intraweb to make your development more easily

hxbAuthor Commented:
     I know that a lot of website use the Sun Unix.

But can you tell me about the Development tool and
Web Server Software ?
oh, i am more familiar with Linux than Sun Unix, coz i haven't so much money, my company is a small one
we use Apache as web server, and i use "Ultraedit" on Windows to develope the pages, then FTP to the web server, or directly open files and modify them via SAMBA connection (it seems nothing different from editing on a WinNT server in the intraweb)

maybe Sun will give u a web server of "Netscape Enterprise", it is said it is also good as a huge site's web server

anything else i can help u?

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