TASM32.exe ver 4.0 needed

where can i find TASM32.exe
version 4.0
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From Inprise (Borland), probably. Whats wrong with TASM 5?
I agreed with KangaRoo. You must
buy Tasm32.exe : it is property of Borland. And if someone will send
you this one, it is braking of law(
and loss some large summe in $, if
Borland decides go to law... ).
My advice: if you need it, simple buy it!
ViRoy, you can reject my reply,
but you can't "reject" the fact, that
my reply is absolutly right!!!
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ViRoyAuthor Commented:
aye, but now i need GCC
a C compiler... the code i need to compile also has this written
in it... mind you im not a C programmer.

* You must compile this program against libpcap. If your-      system implements
* IP_HDRINCL you must also link it against libdes or libcrypto.-     Example:
* gcc -o anger anger.c in_chksum.c -ldes -lpcap

as you can see, the name of the code is anger.c

im guessing its talking about IP header compression but not sure... im using win98 sr2
no encryption
ViRoyAuthor Commented:
oops.. i messed it up a lil

* You must compile this program against libpcap. If your system implements
 * IP_HDRINCL you must also link it against libdes or libcrypto. Example:
 *       gcc -o anger anger.c in_chksum.c -ldes -lpcap

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