How to use %Username% in Win95/98

I've installed a NT 4.0 server for file sharing use. All of our user are using Windows 95/98 with Client for Microsoft Network.

I created a logon script for drive mappings in server's \winnt\system32\repl\import\scripts. The script seems working properly when user logon.

However, I would like to modify the scritp to map a drive letter (H:) to user's personnal directory (I created share names as username for each user) when logon.  Is there any way to cater this because %Username% is not working in Windows 95/98 environment.  (The same script is working when logon from a NT Workstation)

Thanks for help!

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There is available a utility called Kixtart which is a full-featured scripting engine for Windows.  I have used it to do exactly what you are looking for.  You write a script and then call it in the batch file.  For example, Logon.bat would contain a line something like Kixtart General.bat.

Information on setting Kixtart up for Win95 is available at:

The above article contains a link to a Kixtart web site with more examples and a download of the software itself.

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chankctAuthor Commented:
Thanks Robtanner129!  Kixtart really a great tool to resolve Windows 95 domain logon weak point.
You're quite welcome and quite right.  I was very happy to find kixtart when I first started administering LANs.  Kixtart is particularly useful when you have a mix of Windows platforms.  Not that you should have to use it too much anymore, but it also supports Win16 boxes.

Glad I could be of help.
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