Access Notes remotely?

My company uses Lotus Notes as its email program.  We also use a system called winfram to access our network remotely.  When I click on the Lotus Notes Icon in winframe it says that I can not administer the database.  Shutdown the server or click on the Lotus Notes icon.  Any ideas.

If that is to vague I could write-down exactly what it says if you think it would help.

I know what you are thinking, why doesn't this guy just ask the DB administrator?  Well, I have.  Their response is you cannot access your e-mail remotely.  You tell me, are they full of it or what?  They will not tell me why.  It sounds like they don't know how but I can't believe that.  Are there security issues - my company is pretty nervous when it comes to network security (remember the securID electronic password cards?)

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The whole idea behind lotus notes is communication and the ease of it.
Yes you can access any LN database remotely.
Also, Lotus Notes provides pretty good security as far as not letting people see or access certain databases within the system.
If you can't access it that is probably they don't want you to.

Reasons why you can't open your mail,
the LN server you are trying to access is most likely excluded from the network area you are given access to.

If you give more specific information maybe we can narrow it down, but If they don't want you to see it, they must their reasons and going against policies probably won't solve your problem.
kkirt1Author Commented:
I agree!  The answer I am looking for however is can I determine on my own (so as not to step on anyones toes) whether the system is set up to access my Notes remotely?  Or, to put it another way, what steps would one normally go through to access their LN remotely.

I am not sure whether or not the "remote access" people are talking to the "LN" people.  It could be they just haven't asked.  I know, the possibility is remote but then again, you don't know my company.  :)
Try to do the following:
When you are at work open the public address book database of the server you are going to be checking.
View the server document's network settings and write down the host name for tcp/ip it maybe different than your server name that appears on your icons.
Write it down.
When you connect to the network remotely ping the host and see whether the machine returns a response.
If it does you may be able to acces the remote dbs otherwise if you get no response you won't be able to estabilish a phisical connection that tcp/ip requires.

If you do get the response go to your notes client and from menu select File->database->open and in the server text box enter the actual name of the notes server(full name) not the name you used for pinging.
Press enter if the list box below fills up you are actually connected to the server otherwise you will get some message, write it down and let me know what it is.
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I'm not sure about the winframe part. To access Notes remotely you need no other program. Maybe you should clarify what you mean by remotely.
If you want to read you mail at home you have to have a local copy of Notes, connect to your companies network (this might be the part where winframe comes in).
With the local Notes copy connect to your Notes server (Faust told you how),  then create a new replica of your mailbox (will take some time).
kkirt1Author Commented:
Faust:  Where would I find the public address book database?

Winframe is supposed to take the place of a local copy of Lotus Notes.  It also runs Microsoft products and 3270 emulators.
At work follow the steps above to open a database with a name such that
Server Name Address Book
Server Name is name of the server whose addressbook you are accessing could be any name
Address Book is always there and that is how you know that it is an addressbook.
kkirt1Author Commented:
Sorry it took so long but....   Anyway, I tried pinging from home but no go.  Any other ideas?
If you can't ping the host, you can't estabilish a "phisical" connection required by TCP/IP(assuming you looked up the name of the server and got the correct name or IP address), so you simply will not be able to do it.
I think that is the bottom line from a behaved user point of view.
If you are not satisfied with this answer, you are looking for something that isn't there.

If you are not sure about the server name write yourself an ip scanner with reverse DNS lookup capability, or download one.
Then let it run and see what you come up with.

Lotus Notes does not like to share it's files especially the names.nsf which is what it needs to communicate.  The error you are receiving administer.... means you or somone else is already using the names.nsf file.

You cannot login to the same use the same names.nsf at the same time.

If you like you can share the exe files copy your data folder to a datahome folder, create a new notes.ini (copy to this folder)using this directory as it's data directory the target line for your new notes shortcut can be "c:\notes\notes.exe =c:\notes\datahome\notes.ini"

be careful to use the regular notes icon in the office and thisd other one remotely.

ONE NOTE: your address books will not stay in sync automatically.

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