Api calls

How can i use the icq api to send a url or message to a certain icq number.

Here is the icqapi url:

Please provide me with some code t send messages etc...it is all in the file, but i cant get it to work

Please help..cheers

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According to the agreement, you aren't allowed to make any app that has instant messaging capability. Be careful that you don't cross the line between this and just sending a message.
Is this the one?

BOOL WINAPI ICQAPICall_SendMessage(int iUIN, char *pszMessage)

I think it would be:

Declare Function ICQAPICall_SendMessage Lib "ICQMAPI.dll"(iUIN As Long, pszMessage As String) As Boolean

If so, then try:

UserNumber = 12345678
Message = "Hello!"
Sent = ICQAPICall_SendMessage(UserNumber, ByVal Message)

Hope this helps! (Hope I'm right...)
wormboy__6Author Commented:
Im sorry...but you arnt right.

This doesnt send the message...it just returns false.
I think i have to call the ICQAPICall_SetLicenseKey function before i can do anything and maybe another function...could you look at the top of the document..as the infomation is there and tell me what i need to do to send messages etc

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>>Im sorry...but you arnt right<<
{Chuckle} I'm not surprised. I only downloaded the files to see if I could help you. Unfortunately, I then deleted them. When I get time (assuming I remember), I'll download them again and see if I can make any sense of them.

wormboy__6Author Commented:
Can someone please look at the API and tell me what to do.

Thank you
I believe I have the answer. I need your ICQ # to test it out though.

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wormboy__6Author Commented:
I was having the same problem as wormboy.
Master01, could you please post here the solution? Thank you.
Come on guys,
I am tired of wasting points on answers that are not posted. If you have the answer to the question, please post it so those of us who use our points actually get to see it. Thanks
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