trasparent text on a toolbar button

I would like to add a simple text on a toolbar imaged-button using a TLabel or a TStaticText component, in this way I can change the text on the button at run-time and customize it. I tried with a TLabel component, setting its Trasparent property to true, but it not works on the toolbar. I tried to add a WMCTLCOLORSTATIC message using a TStaticText component and pass NULL_BRUSH (or HOLLOW_BRUSH) as result, but it still not works (it is not trasparent).
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Sorry, but I don't understand your problem. You can directly access toolbar buttons and set their caption to whatever you need. Why going the long way using additional controls?

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men xinCEOCommented:
You want to cover the toolbutton.caption?

gianlucaAuthor Commented:
I use a ImageList to cover the button with some icons, but in the same time I want put a label on this image; and I need to change this text at runtime.
You could derive a new class from the toolbar button. Override the paint event like this:

  procedure Paint; override;

and implement it like this

procedure TMyToolButton.Paint;
  SetBkMode(Canvas.Handle, TRANSPARENT);
  Canvas.TextOut(0, 10, Caption);


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