HP rewritable drive/easy cd creator

Hi. Just got a hp rewritable drive. When I want to move files from my hard drive to the rom, do I always have to open the easy cd creator? i can not seem to just drag files from explorer
to the drive without going through easy cd. Can you download from the net to the drive? [2] How do I go back and add music or files to the rom. I would put a couple of songs on the cd-r and select "leave session open" But I seem to have trouble going back and adding new songs. any tips you can give me about this would be greatly appreciated.
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mjmcinerneyAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
When you put a blank cd in the drive it automatically starts the software. Select access this drive through a drive letter. This makes the cd writer act exactly as a regular drive and you can copy files to it just the same as you would the hard disk. As for music cd's I know form experirnce that the only way to make cd's besides the make music cd program in easy cd is the copy the songs to the harddisk as a .wav file (i think) and then copy to cd as described above. Hp's web site explains this better

there it will explain how to leave cd-r sessions open when making music cd's.
mjmcinerneyAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Just to understand. i can drag and copy files in the "Box" supplied by the software? ' another words, that easy cd screen always is up when I want to copy or drag file?
One more question. Why is it when I click on my computor and check the properties of my drive[cd-r] it always says i have no free space. no matter if I have 160mb or 10mb it always show the rom filled. Any ideas.
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You can do it that way but when you insert a blank cd it brings up a menu of options. One of them is make cd accessable through a drive letter. Basically what that means is that you can drag files directly to the cd.
Audio and Data
is always different.
leaving a data CD session open cant make the cd turn to an audio cd or vice-versa.

best thing to do.. use a CD for data. and one for an audio. thanks

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If you want to use Windows Explorer to drag & drop files from the hard drive to the cdrw, you have to format a blank cdr or cdrw using DirectCD.
If you do not see an icon of a cd in the system tray or cannot find DirectCD in the 'Start'-> 'Programs' menu, then you have to install it. DirectCD ships with Easy CD creator.

When you install a blank cdr or rw, a window should come up automatically with 4 options. The first one should be "click here to create a data cd that will be accessible through a drive letter". If you choose this option the cd will be formatted using DirectCD. You can then treat it as if it were a floppy disc for copying files....drag/drop, cut/paste, etc. This includes downloading files directly to the cdr. You will also be able to see the 'free space' for the cdr when checking the properties.

-DirectCD and EasyCD creator use different formats to write information. You cannot use easycd to write files to a disc that was formatted with directcd. It's one or the other. I use easycd to create audio cd's and directcd for storing data files.

-Banyan99 is correct about the music. If you want some songs on a cd that also contains data files you will have to use a program to extract the music from an audio cd as a 'wav' file, then copy the file to the cdr. It can then be played using Windows Media Player. There are shareware/freeware programs available on the net that will extract music from an audio cd.

-If you have any problems with adaptecs software you should make sure you have the current versions.
   EasyCD 3.5c
   DirectCD 2.5d
You can get the updates from www.adaptec.com

If this info or Banyan99's comment has helped you solve your problem, please reject rscafe's proposed answer and award the points appropriately.
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